Alzo offers many prototype formulations which demonstrate the benefits and broad uses of Alzo ingredients. The following feature some of the newest Alzo materials and technologies that meet the needs of today’s formulators and marketers of personal care and cosmetic finished products.

Novel Textures Based on Dermothix:

Dermothix Skin Primer CR1-307
Dermothix Foundation CR2-117
Dermothix Concealer with 0.5% Salicylic Acid pH 3.5 DR1-35
Dermothix Concealer with 2.0% Salicylic Acid pH 3.5 DR1-36
Dermothix Based Mascara LF1-65
Dermothix Based Elegant Petrolatum Cream TC1-57
Dermothix Crumbling Shower Gel CR3-179
Dermothix Based Elegant Petrolatum Cream MD1-068

NuLastic Moisturizing Lipstick Formulas:

NuLastic Slip Lipstick with Dermol MBDD DR1-47
NuLastic Slip Lipstick + 0.5% Allantoin DR1-39
NuLastic Slip Lipstick with Organic Pigment TC1-52
NuLastic Slip Color Changing Lipstick TC1-112

NuPLastic Long Wear Formulas:

NuPLastic Eye Shadow CR2-237
NuPLastic BB Cream TC1-47
NuPLastic Skin Cream DR1-67


Conditioning Shampoo with Polyderm PPI-SA-15D and Dermol SLLC-L TC1-33
Gentle Apple Shampoo with Dermol SLLC-L and Dermothix-75
Night Time Renewal Cream with Dermothix and Beantree TC1-247

Beauty Care Concepts:

Bi-Phase Makeup Remover MD1-041
Wakeup Eyes Primer MD1-038
MBDD Glossy Lipstick MD1-056
Natural Lip Gloss MD1-054

Solutions for Hair Care:

Gentle Apple Shampoo with Dermol SLLC-L and Dermothix-75 TC1-168
Sulfate Free Shampoo MD1-047
Color Protect Conditioner CM1-090
Frizz Control CM1-119
Root Touchup Stick (Blonde) LF1-174
Shampoo for Blondes CM1-103